Privacy Policy

We don’t share any of your info with anyone. We can even delete it if you want us to do so. We keep it encrypted with high industry standards (256bit SSL).

Customer Privacy & Protections

We care about your privacy extremely seriously, as we do our own. We encrypt your visits and personal data with the latest 256bit AES encryption on virtual offshore servers located outside of “big” government eyes. We further encrypt our SQL databases that store your personal details as a double security measure. We can delete your customer address after the transaction (but keep your username for re-ordering) if you request it by contacting customer service.

How Is My Personal Data Stored And Used?

In a data breach, the personal data of any customer will never be compromised. We don’t keep server logs longer than 40 days. They get erased after this time period. All data on our server is AES encrypted, think Wikileaks. Not even our hosting company can view our clients personal data.

We only use your information to process your order. That’s it. After completion of order if you ask we delete your data.

Can Anyone See That I’m Ordering Something At Your Website?

Not in the scary way you might think. Your ISP can see that you are visiting a specific URL – that’s how they know where you want to visit. But with our 256bit SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer encryption) any data that is transmitted via our site (eg. name, address, payment instructions) is secure between you and us. We recommend visiting a public Wi-Fi location if you really are concerned about your ISP even visiting this website to begin with. Rest assured, we take on more risk selling the product than you do ordering it!